Sports PR Summit And Their Wooden Credentials

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We are all aware of the many marketing strategies and tactics used to promote various sporting events. Well, while doing my usual scroll down Instagram Lane, I came across something that immediately caught my attention.

If you do not know about the Sports PR Summit, here is your chance come from under that rock. The Sports PR Summit presented by The Players' Tribune is an invite-only event that brings together senior PR executives from professional and collegiate sports and top sports corporations for panel discussions and invaluable networking opportunities. This year's Sports PR Summit is taking place at The Players' Tribune headquarters in New York City as I write this article.

However, the location or presenting sponsor is not what caught my attention. Something unique and, what I presume, soon to be trending is what made me stop, like, and screenshot.

This year, with the help of their branding director Cameron Sandage, the Sports PR Summit included one-of-a-kind wooden credentials for everyone that registered before May 1st. This unique keepsake credential, made by Swing Shift Studios, is a piece of wood engraved with the Sports PR Summit and The Players' Tribune logos with the name, title, affiliation, and role the individual. Talk about branding and marketing done the right way.


While continuing my stroll down Instagram Lane and searching #SportsPRSummit, I noticed how trending the wooden credentials were. Although this is not the first time the Sports PR Summit has distributed wooden credentials, I'm sure this branding and marketing tactic will catch on with other events in the near future.

Fun Fact:

16 minutes into the 2018 Sports PR Summit, #SportsPRSummit was the No. 1 trending hashtag on Twitter. Via Founder and CEO Brian Berger

From My Perspective:

Branding and marketing (done the right way) are a significant part of event planning and execution. If you have been to many events, especially those surrounding sports, you know that your credentials are the one thing that you can hold on to as a memory of the event. Plus, everyone loves seeing and showing off his or her name on an event badge to get that extra sense of importance.

Something as small as an event badge, lapel pin, bracelet, or notebook, when customized, can make a significant difference in how people perceive your event and if their willing to share all the cool things they get, with everyone on social media.

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